1. Torjus Gaaren, 28, lives outside for most of the year and survives on natural resources. Spruce and reindeer skins are both his sofa and bed, and he eats and wears what he catches in traps. 

    “I think there’s something missing in man when he has such a distant relationship to what each food stuff and clothes come from, as many have. Obviously it’s easy to shop at the store, but I do not think it is good for man to do so. It sets life in a different perspective when he has to get everything he needs himself

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    Working with Uncle Parker this morning. #mlleather #mlleathercrew #theleathernomad #maulthemall (at Cody And Shilahs’s Lodge)

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    Parker’s new back satchel #mlleather #mlleathercrew #maulthemall #theleathernomad (at Cody And Shilahs’s Lodge)

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    Eat up ladies, winter’s coming -

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    The inspiration for this blog.